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The L-Game

The L-Game is a fun strategy game invented by Edward de Bono and popularized in his 1968 book, "The Five-Day Course in Thinking".

Ready for a bit of brain exercise?

The Board is made up of 16 squares. Each player (maximum of 2 can play) has an L piece which he must move when it is his turn. When moving, a player may slide, turn or pick up and flip the L piece into any open position other than the one it occupied prior to the move. When the L piece has been moved, a player may move either one (but only one) of the neutral square pieces to any open square on the board. It is not required that the neutral piece be moved, this is up to the player. The object of the game is to manoeuvre the other player into a position on the board where he cannot move his L piece.


Deceptively simple to learn, the game invites the player to think ahead in order to beat the built-in AI engine - or you can compete against a human opponent in two-player mode.

Fun and easy to play, the L Game offers great entertainment… and challenge!