Featured App for Dementia Patients

The Dementia Clock

The Dementia Clock is designed for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease. It was originally made for someone whose elderly parent was becoming increasingly forgetful and confused about the date.


The app features:

  • A large, easy to read, beautifully designed time and date display
  • A single touch anywhere and it will speak the day and part of day
  • Uses either sophisticated built-in voices, or you can record your own
  • Easy-to-use recording lets the user hear a soothing, familiar voice
  • A straightforward setup mode which can be hidden when complete
  • Accessible help and useful tips when recording your own voice
  • Support for English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch as per the iPad’s region settings

The iPad can be configured to leave this app running, and if it is left connected to power it will never need user intervention. The user does not need to do anything - except to touch the display to hear the comforting pre-recorded voice.

Please let us know if it helps someone you care about!